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A Deep Dive into Artificial Intelligence: What is AI and Why Does it Matter?

AI is making its way into almost every aspect of our lives, from healthcare to entertainment and everything else in between. But what exactly is it? Most people know that AI stands for artificial intelligence, but do they understand what this concept means and how it can benefit us all?

how artificial intelligence helps businesses?

We are living in an age where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly integrated into everyday life. It’s clear that this powerful force has become a major driving factor in our lives: from smart home technology to businesses utilizing AI to optimize their operations and customer service experiences.

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The Retailization of Healthcare

About this paper:

Healthcare is struggling to meet modern demands of a consumer-driven industry. What was once a market that survived without the need to attract and retain patients, providers now depend on acquiring customer loyalty for success. In order to thrive in this new landscape, healthcare providers must adopt a retail mindset and playbook that incorporates the entire patient journey or the totality of patients’ experiences and needs beyond the doctor’s office and their coded health care records.

About Quantworks:

Quantworks is part laboratory, part foundry. With clients across retail, manufacturing, sports and pharmaceutical technology, we build analytic solutions that help Fortune 500 companies, as well as early-stage companies, monetize their data. Leveraging client domain expertise and our blend of proprietary and custom analytics, Quantworks delivers value through agility and our unrelenting focus on the client.

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